13 Things Only Allergy Sufferers Understand

1. When all your friends are excited for warmer weather after a long winter, you just want to curl up in a ball and stay inside because spring means one thing: never-ending allergy symptoms.

2. Most people can’t leave home without their keys and cell phone, but you can’t leave home without a full supply of allergy treatments.

3. Spring showers might bum some people out, but you love them because it means a short break from your plague of allergy symptoms.

4. Local movie night in the park? Not if you don’t want your face to swell up like a balloon.

5. Cold and flu season is the absolute worst because sometimes you can’t tell if you have the cold or flu, or if your symptoms are just extra bad.

6. Most people hate windy days because it might mess up their hair. You hate windy days because the chances of having a pollen attack are through the roof.

7. Friends stop acknowledging your sneezes when you have more than three in a row.

8. Sunglasses are an indoor and outdoor accessory for you on days when you have an allergy flare (gotta hide those red eyes!).

9. People give you side eye on public transportation because they fear your allergy symptoms are actually the flu.

10. People often think you’re getting choked up and emotional, but it’s just your eyes watering. Again.

11. When you have really red eyes, people mistake it for pink eye and don’t want anything to do with you.

12. In fact, your boss will often ask if you need to take a sick day. Nope, it’s just your allergies.

13. You can’t be friends with people who own cats. And if you are, you never EVER hang out at their place.

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