9 Celebrities Touched By Lyme Disease You Should Know

1.Avril Lavigne
The Canadian singer revealed that she has been struggling with the disease for almost a year.
2.Jamie Lynn Sigler
The actress, most well-known for her role on “The Sopranos,” contracted Lyme disease in 2000. Her feet began tingling and eventually her legs became paralyzed. Doctors were stumped for five days as to the cause, the New Jersey Star-Ledger reported.
3.George W. Bush
In 2007, the annual report on the president’s health revealed that in August of 2006 Bush had been treated for Lyme disease. A White House spokesman said the president likely was bitten during a bike ride. He noticed a rash that doctors treated, and he had no other symptoms or any recurrence, according to CNN.
4.Parker Posey

The actress was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2009. “I had the opportunity to approach it both with conventional medicine (antibiotics) and homeopathic remedies and supplements,” she said in a statement. “The first round of antibiotics did not destroy all the bacteria and I made a decision not to take them anymore and instead approach it purely holistically — through the help of my homeopathic doctor who guided me with my diet and gave me the natural supplements to bring my body back to its vitality.”
5.Daryl Hall

Duo Hall and Oates was forced to cancel performances in 2005 when Hall was diagnosed with Lyme disease, USA Today reported.
6.Amy Tan

The author most famous for her hit novel “The Joy Luck Club” suffered mysterious hallucinations, confusion, neck and joint pain, numbness and insomnia for more than two years before she was diagnosed with Lyme disease.
7.Alice Walker
The Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and poet experienced aches and pains and chronic fatigue that she, according to The Guardian, self-diagnosed as Lyme Disease. She called it a “spiritual transformation” and “frightening,” teling Democracy Now! in 2006 that the disease was physically debilitating.
8.Christie Brinkley
It’s not clear if model Brinkley ever had Lyme disease — but she’s certainly taken a strong stance against ticks. In the early ’90s she made headlines for raising guinea hens, birds thought to eat deer ticks, at her home in East Hampton, New York, according to TIME.
9.Alec Baldwin
Few details are known about the actor’s Lyme disease, but he told the New York Times that his symptoms are chronic and return annually. “At the same time of year, I get really tired,” he told the paper.

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