Know Cerebral Palsy is NOT Temporary (For Now)

It is shocking (and truly sad) the things some parents are told after their child experiences a birth injury or is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Sadly, CP is not temporary and instead requires effective, pro-active intervention efforts to get the best results possible for kids. Find out more in our latest blog post.
We often discuss a variety of topics related to Cerebral Palsy and the impact it has on a child both after birth and for decades to come. While life expectancy can vary depending on the severity, the reality is that Cerebral Palsy is not temporary, nor is it something that a person can grow out of. Instead, CP is a life-altering condition, starting at birth, which requires early intervention to make the biggest impact possible on a child’s development.
So why is it necessary to note here that Cerebral Palsy is not temporary? The truth is that such a harsh statement becomes necessary in the face of rampant misinformation and trivialization by medical professionals and those with agendas in a variety of fields. Too many are guilty of making false or exaggerated promises of benefit or cure, profiting at the expense of caring parents that want only the best for their child.
We have previously highlighted how harmful the use of ‘cute’ or different names for Cerebral Palsy can be on children with CP and their parents.  While not every medical professional who uses this terminology is doing so for negative reasons, the reality is that it can be as equally damaging as incorrect claims that children will grow out of their Cerebral Palsy or simply need some novel treatment or therapy to advance.
Every day, literally, we receive comments, feedback and support requests from parents whose children were severely injured during birth by medical professionals. Far too many, though, have waited too long to explore their legal options. In some states, the time limit to file a claim for your child can be less than three years. Unfortunately, a belief or expectation that a child’s condition will improve in time is to blame for delay in some of these cases. No matter the reasoning, a child’s access to crucial assistance like Lifetime Benefits can be lost due to misinformation about the prospects for a cure or improvement over time, which in turn causes the parent to delays in seeking information about access to Lifetime Benefits.
Legally, accepting and adopting the idea that Cerebral Palsy is not temporary is important due in part to access to legal avenues. Whether you request a Medical Legal Review or simply speak to an attorney, pursuing legal advice in a timely fashion is essential.
Truth be told, there ARE extremely encouraging developments in treatments and research going on that highlight a brighter future for children with Cerebral Palsy than ever existed before. We genuinely hope that, in time, treatments and medical remedies exist that can erase the harmful impact of Cerebral Palsy on children. Until then, we remain available to speak with families of children with CP about their legal options.

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