Things To Do If You’re Diagnosed With Lymphoma Cancer

Things To Do If You're Diagnosed With Lymphoma
Here’s a list of things to do if you’re diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer and *before* you start treatment. It is not an all-inclusive list, so feel free to add a tip for our newly diagnosed Lymphoma patients. How did you prepare for treatment?
1. Find an Advocate (Family, friend or caregiver) to help you navigate and stand by you during appointments
2. Get Organized: Start a notebook or binder to coordinate or download the Lymphoma Research App “Focus on Lymphoma.

3. Get Informed: Start off with the Lymphoma.Org and LLS.Org to learn about your type of Lymphoma. View other trustworthy sources but at a balance.
4. Get a Second Opinion: Doctors have different philosophies and approaches. A second opinion can help you feel confident in your treatment plan
5.  Seek a Lymphoma Blood Cancer Expert:  Ensure your doctor is a blood cancer expert, someone who has treated your type of Lymphoma before.
6. List All Medications: Keep a list of all the medication you take, including supplements. Provide an updated list to your medical team. The list should include any allergies to medication.
7.  Support Matters: Band together with family and friends. Start a personal group or blog to keep your family and friends informed. Assign a close family member or friend to help you post when you’re too tired.
8.   Teeth Matter Too: See a dentist before your start treatment. A dental checkup before treatment starts can help prevent painful mouth problems.
9.   Questions to Ask Your Doctor: Gather a list of questions for your doctor.
10. Social Worker:  Make an appointment with a cancer center’s social worker to help you navigate resources that may be applicable to your case.
11. Success Stories: Read The Lymphoma Club’s photo album’s success stories for inspiration
12.  You’re not alone. Consider an in-person support group, private forums at lls.org or hang out with us at The Lymphoma Club

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