Top 10 Food strategies to reverse endometriosis

One in ten women suffer with endometriosis and many of them struggle to get the right diagnosis and then treatment. Your doctor may have told you that endometriosis is a permanent condition which we know very little about alleviating. Recent research, however, points to a new understanding of what causes this condition and how to best address it naturally.
Your endometriosis is rooted in three health problems combined: gut dysbiosis, liver inefficiency, and over active autoimmune response. It is also an endocrine disorder rooted in overproduction of the hormone estrogen and the inability of the body to break this down. In my years of working with women with this condition whether they just want to have pain-free periods or they are looking to get pregnant, food therapy is the better option when compared with the high recurrence rate post surgery.  So, the good news I can share is:

Firstly: women are eating incorrectly for their hormones. They have diets that leave them deficient in the key micronutrients needed to make adequate levels of hormones needed for optimal function.
Secondly: women today are exposed to more xenoestrogenic toxins in a thirty-day period than our grandmother’s generation was exposed to over the course of their entire lives.
You have to get to the root cause and treat the entire hormonal ecosystem to get it working optimally again. The Flo Living protocol involves two phases:  the clean up phase, which is about stabilizing your blood sugar, addressing thyroid and adrenal overload, and enhancing daily estrogen metabolism, and the pro-hormonal diet phase, which means weekly meal plans that work in conjunction with your fluctuating hormonal ratios each month.

Here are FLO’s Top 10 food strategies to reverse endometriosis and a taste of what to expect for true treatment of endometriosis:

1) You’ll be incorporating probiotics to rebalance gut bacteria.
2) You’ll emphasize leafy greens, fruits and other fiber-filled foods to promote gut balance.
3) You’ll eat more healthy fats like those found in olive oil, coconut oil and avocados to improve hormonal balance overall.
4) You’ll focus on preparing lean animal protein over other kinds to decrease inflammation.
5) You’ll be eating more immune response enhancers such as carrots, kale, cabbage, broccoli, beets, artichokes, lemons, onions, garlic and leeks.
6) You’ll also be increasing liver detoxifiers like milk thistle, flax seeds, and dandelion root in teas to help with estrogen metabolism.
7) You’ll take evening primrose oil to inhibit tumor growth and decrease inflammation.
8) You’ll be working hard to decrease dairy, wheat, alcohol and caffeine to improve your immune response.
9) You’ll be using Vitex and B6 supplements daily to balance out excess estrogen.
10) And you’ll be limiting and eventually eliminating exposure to toxic forms of estrogen in pesticides from your food, household cleaners, cosmetics and bathroom products.

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Too many women believe the myth that your period has to ruin your life every month.
Here at FLO, we know that your period problems are absolutely fixable. You just need to know how to use the most powerful drug there is: food.
Get to the bottom of your period problems and unlock your suffering with our food-based approach:

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