Important Things To Remember After Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

Important Things To Remember After Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery

After gastric sleeve Weight Loss Surgery, attaining and conserving a healthy, balanced diet is decisive in losing weight. It is therefore important to know the right foods to eat, the correct quantity and the timings of eating. Since your stomach is no longer its usual size, (since 85 percent has been removed) the food quantity must be adjusted too and must be lessened.Eating variety of foods is very important to attain a nutritional diet after Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery . Since foods are lesser, it doesn’t mean that the person will also get fewer nutrients.  The key here is to keep small, frequent meals that are packed with nutrients.


By following the instructions given by your doctors, you’re not too far in reaching your ideal weight goal. Here are some Nutrition guidelines that you need to remember while you head on to your recovery after gastric sleeve Weight Loss Surgery:

VITAMINS AND MINERALS:For a couple of weeks, you will not be able to meet the recommended vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Since your diet is restrictive for some time, you may experience some vitamin and mineral deficiency. To fight these deficiencies, it is recommended that you take vitamins and mineral supplements every day.

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