Breast Cancer

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Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment Doctors combined two existing cancer drugs – Tyverb and Herceptin – and gave them to women as soon as they were diagnosed.The team, led by the University of Manchester and the Institute of Cancer Research in London, had initially aimed simply to shrink tumours in the few days before surgery.But when the surgeons tried to remove the lumps – which had measured up to 3cm wide just a few days earlier – they found that in some women the tumours had already vanished.Study leader Professor Nigel Bundred, a cancer surgeon in Manchester,

Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment The experts said that because the trial was relatively small – involving 257 women of whom 66 took the combination treatment – further tests are needed before they consider rolling the treatment out more widely.The treatment was given to women with the HER2-positive form of breast cancer, which affects around 8,000 women in Britain every year.Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment Herceptin, which is delivered via a drip, is often used alongside chemotherapy to treat women with this form of the disease – but usually only after surgery in a bid to stop the cancer returning.Tyverb, which is also kn.own as Lapatinib, is a pill used for women with advanced breast cancer, Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment.

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